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Global Sourcing

We help individuals, startups and large scale firms turn their ideas into a reality by providing turnkey solutions from concept to mass production, we eliminate the headaches of outsourced manufacturing and ensure great quality, fast turn times and most important of all, affordable cost.


TenEighty Group offers tailored global sourcing programs that help connect our customers’ needs and wants to the best off-shore manufacturing partner globally. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a new product idea, a medium size company looking to explore offshore manufacturing or a world-class firm looking for support in sourcing proven vendors who can handle your production needs. TenEighty Group has a team of on the ground professionals to help make finding your new partner easy.

Hong Kong, Shipping, Logistics, Containers

Hong Kong, Shipping, Logistics, Containers

As world economics change and local price driving factors increase, more and more companies are looking for supply chain options globally. Never before has it been easier for you to make contacts with potential off-shore suppliers – however along with this increased ease of communication has come a new era of unexpected challenges.

When looking for a new partner, most Companies’ first step is the internet. Global Sourcing has shifted to online websites that make it “easy” to find suppliers. This “social media” style platform to find a partner has created a rat race of suppliers promising you “the lowest price”. It is easy to lose sight of the key factors that really matter to manufacturing. Selecting a vendor that focuses on price and not compliance to Social Equality & Environmental responsibilities, Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC) procedures, and productions ability to meet lead-times will lead you to pay more in the end.


Being cost competitive and buying smart is without a doubt an important factor when looking for offshore manufacturing. In order for our customers to maintain sustainable businesses they count on us to not only find the best partner, but ensure they get the best pricing available. To do this, the TenEighty Group has teams of sourcing specialists located across S.E.A so we can inspect and audit potential suppliers first-hand. We take the time to vet and weed out suppliers that don’t match your needs and take the time to develop relationships with the ones that do.

Selecting TenEighty Group as your sourcing partner you don’t have to worry about the headaches of unprofessional, “Lost in Translation” – or even untrustworthy suppliers out to make a quick dollar. We help you locate honest, skilled and professional partners that you can get excited about doing business with.


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